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Sarra is a privately owned international freight forwarder and logistics provider. The Company was based on the vision and energy of its founders, who have about 15 years experience in the shipping global market. Sarra has got a dedicated global agent network offices that deliver a consistent level of high service and performance to its customers. The company was founded in 2009 in Matera Italy. From modest beginnings, by the late 2009 ‘Sarra’ had expanded its offices in Italy to meet the demands of its growing customer base.

Sarra is utilizing its strength in the Italian market to fuel its growth in other areas of the world as well. ‘Sarra’ is a traditional freight forwarder in the sense that forwarding services are the foundation of the group and the reason behind the quality service is able to provide.

Sarra freight forwarding is making significant investment in the USA and in the Far East markets in order to guarantee an high level of service to its customers on these routes which Sarra considers to be of primary importance; infact ‘Sarra’ is specialised in providing the following shipping routes:

> Far East to North Europe
> Far East to Mediterranean
> Far East to USA
> North Europe to USA
> Mediterranean to USA
> Mediterranean to North Europe

Sarra target is to create lasting value to our clients by repeatedly and transparently delivering the client’s products safely and on time, and doing so in an atmosphere of integrity and honesty that still allows the company to prosper in the long term future.